Network Support Services

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Whether you need network support services in Cincinnati, Ohio or to set up a virtual private network for nationwide system access, BrownCOW is your trusted partner. Our PC networking techs in Cincinnati ensure you have the most efficient and reliable systems to keep your business running.

Network Setup

BrownCOW is your expert to design, install and configure not only wide area networks, but also local area networks in Ohio and Kentucky. We manage all activity required to install and configure hardware and software to ensure IT best practices for security, disaster recovery, data backup and automation are in place.

Remote Access

At BrownCOW we understand the need to balance remote access with security. With the rise of mobile technology, including laptops, tablets, and smart phones, people are working from a variety of remote locations. Providing access to systems and information to these highly mobile employees is a reality of today’s small business environment. We have the experience to design and implement the right remote access solution for your firm with products like Citrix / XenAPP, Windows Terminal Server Secure Gateway, Remote web workplace and others.