We Just Raised the “STEAKS”— Get up to $500 for ANY Live Experience When Your Business Referral Joins Our Herd!

At BrownCOW, we believe that a referral is the highest compliment we can receive.

If you know someone who’s struggling with their current technology, do them a favor and contact us.

Here’s the Deal:

  1. Send a referral our way and grab an easy $50
  2. If they sign up with us – you get up to $500 in BrownCOW Bucks to redeem towards a live event of your choice!

*Referral Criteria:

All it takes is one local business in the Greater Cincinnati area with 10 or more computers. Especially if they are currently…

  • struggling with IT support
  • hiring tech professionals
  • planning to outsource IT
  • would benefit from remote support
  • just not happy with their current technology


Just imagine ANY of these live experiences…

  • being right there in the stands, living every nail-biting moment of the game with fans who feel like family
  • experiencing the magic of a Broadway hit firsthand as the story comes to life right in front of you
  • rocking out at a live concert, where you can feel each beat of the music right in your chest



Redeem up to $500 in BrownCOW Bucks for ANY of the following experiences:

  • Sports Events
  • Concerts
  • Theater Shows
  • Live Performances
  • Festivals
  • Movie Premieres
  • Gourmet Dining Experiences
  • Theme Park Adventures
  • Luxury Spa Days
  • VIP Event Access
  • Travel Vouchers
  • Educational Workshops
  • Gaming Tournaments
  • Charity Galas
  • Yacht / Boat Cruises

*P.S. — Don’t see something on this list? We’re flexible!

Who’s the Perfect Match for Referral?

Healthcare Practices

Doctors, dentists, and therapists require HIPAA compliance and patient data protection

Professional Services

Lawyers, accountants, consultants need managed IT and cybersecurity

Real Estate Agencies

Realtors need business tools for showings, listings, and transactions

Construction & Manufacturing

Architects, engineers, and manufacturers need project management and safety compliance

Warning Signs They Need Help!

  • Ongoing computer headaches or IT support drama

  • On the hunt for IT talent

  • Growing, moving, or shaking things up

  • Considering handing over the IT reins

  • Could really benefit from remote IT support

  • Tech troubles are raining on their parade

Your Role?

Just pass us their details. We’ll take it from there and make sure they get the tech TLC they deserve. Start referring and watch the rewards roll in!