Achieve business growth with customized IT solutions and strategies

Technology can vastly improve a company’s efficiency, employee productivity, engagement, collaboration, and communication — only if the right solutions are chosen and implemented correctly.

As a leading provider of  Managed IT, Cloud, and Cybersecurity services provider, BrownCOW Technology (BCT) has been helping businesses in the Cincinnati region with exceptional IT Support and services allowing our clients to achieve growth and long-term success. We can do the same for you.

When you work with BCT, you can expect our team of trusted technology experts to be your dedicated partner in better understanding your technology and utilizing it to meet your business’s needs best and goals.

Why choose BrownCOW for your Technology and Data Security needs?

Advantages of Partnership with BrownCOW

Partnership Advantages

Many IT outsourcing advantages come with a BCT partnership. Because we consider ourselves a part of your team, we have a vested interest in your success. We will decipher the often confusing language of technology and help you make sound technology choices today while ensuring your technology resources can meet future demands. You and your staff can focus on your customers and feel confident in reliable IT systems. Our focus remains on supporting the systems that keep your company running smoothly.

Priority Service

The right technology can help your organization grow, and BCT will monitor, manage, and maintain yours to ensure it helps you achieve just that. We keep businesses up and running, resolve problems quickly and efficiently, and provide personal attention and guidance every step of the way.

Consulting Service

You are gaining a business partner – a trusted source you can call for advice on any related issue without concern for the clock. BCT clients receive regular reviews of their IT and business planning at no additional charge. We will provide specifications for PCs, servers, and network equipment before you purchase. We go deeper than just IT, and our recommendations include IP phone systems, mobile devices, and copiers. Our experience and broad customer base provide our clients access to proven solutions that save money and time. We understand that technical consulting only helps if you can base decisions on what keeps your company competitive.


Small businesses make up over 90% of the US economy, and these organizations grow each year. How can your small business in Cincinnati continue to compete with much larger companies in today’s challenging economic climate? When you partner with BCT, you’ll see how simple it can be to turn your information technology into a competitive advantage.

Since 2001, BCT has provided Ohio and Kentucky small businesses IT services and solutions. We get it as a local IT services company and a small business ourselves.  We know the pressures you face every day, and we are motivated to help you leverage your information technology assets to the best of our ability.

Engage with BCT and learn how your small business can best use information technology to win new business, maximize efficiencies and grow your bottom line.

BrownCOW serves medical and dental Firms

Medical & Dental

In this era of Covid, healthcare providers, including hospital systems, physician practices, and multi-location clinics, face increased cost pressures compounded by an aging technology infrastructure. By partnering with BCT for managed services and cloud migration, providers can reduce costs and better manage their technology.  Moreover, our HIPAA compliance solutions help simplify and automate compliance, while our cybersecurity solutions safeguard patient and provider data 24/7/365.

BrownCOW provides IT for Property Management Firms

Property Management

We deliver managed services and cloud options to help Property Management companies streamline workflows, collaborate remotely, and maximize revenue. We also provide fully managed cybersecurity systems and mobile device solutions tailored to the needs of your team.

BrownCOW serves manufacturing

Small Manufacturing

IT is vital to complex, mission-critical manufacturing processes and workflows. Manufacturers who outsource core IT functions to BCT enable their internal tech staff to focus on strategic, growth-oriented objectives. Our managed services and cybersecurity programs also enable improved scalability as production needs change and grow.

BrownCOW serves Professional Service Firms

Professional  Services

Faced with revenue pressure, tighter regulation, and increased online and mobile customer interactions, Professional services firms must transform their digital infrastructure. And they must do so without incurring undue cybersecurity risks. BCT works with law firms, accounting firms, insurance, and other service firms as a trusted partner to optimize their technology investment and provide a seamless customer experience while managing risk and improving ROI.

Let BrownCOW be your trusted partner for system and wireless network security throughout Ohio and Kentucky. Feel Confident that your critical business data, software, and hardware are safe and secure.