Google Workspace is growing in popularity for SMBs, and there’s good news for those already using the toolset. Google rolled out new features and functionalities in July to help drive enhanced email marketing capabilities for SMBs and other business users of the platform.

Many of these new features are tailored to businesses looking to send professional-looking emails to their customers and networks. It also helps facilitate sending these emails to large audiences, perhaps for marketing campaigns or other efforts that are critical to growing an SMB’s book of business. Investments in email and digital marketing have shown a return on investment of 122 percent for SMBs, and 54 percent of SMBs said email is the top marketing tool they use to expand their business regularly. With these kinds of stats, having access to new tools can make a big difference in an SMB’s ability to enhance its marketing capabilities.

For the latest updates to Google Workspace, here are some of the new additions.

New layouts. New templates mean more options for the look and feel of emails going out to current or prospective clients. Google launched a new set of predefined email templates, including layouts for images, text, buttons, and other features. SMBs can customize these templates with their colors, logos, images, and text to align with their brand look and feel. Having templates as a starting point makes it easier for SMBs to design beautiful-looking emails that will catch the eye of their readers and emphasize the importance of the content they deliver.

Sending to large audiences. Google also launched a multi-send feature, which makes it easier for SMBs to send emails to their entire network or key targeted audience groups. This is similar to what an SMB might get from an expensive newsletter service without the added cost. Additionally, it makes it easier for SMBs to send emails to large groups without error instead of having to BCC all recipients like they may have had to in the past. Users will also have the ability to schedule emails.

Admin control. Not all users may need to use the new functionalities being rolled out. New admin settings allow admins to control which users have access to which functionality. Some are available by default, but the admins can toggle them on and off. This helps an SMB control which employees have the authorization to send mass emails or other features that may impact their business.

The features listed above are available to business users through the Web. Admin control features became available starting July 28, and new email features will appear later in August. Once rolled out and generally available, SMBs can use the new features in Google Workspace to enhance their digital marketing capabilities and better engage with customers through email and other formats. In doing that, they can grow their business to the next level and set themselves up for future growth.